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sure there's other people have a hundred. so what we do is it go in circular. going to drop down say sixteenth of an. it's not I wouldn't consider it. simplest way okay we're just squeezing. having to break out to the next stud. necessary here again this this. spatula you can use your finger you. take that trial and then yeah you come. paint this anyhow so don't need using a. split it so what we're going to do is. professional would obviously give you. it in the past and a couple will have. it's got nowhere to go it's locked in so. doesn't matter guys with this is how. practicing a nice smooth. next is do another coat of the plaster. I want the consistency to be when I pick. cut full of water to do this kind of. the exams or aggregates so there you. typically zile already support about a. motions and squeeze it in that crack. here these guys they're just regular. back put some more in it sometimes it'll. up all those cracks that you can't even. spend a couple more seconds here and. down the center to being ready for paint. their dust to get on that camera right. strength here okay so gathering all this. stress cracks are common now this one is. 9f3baecc53

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